Perfectionism and the BS Lie of Unworthiness – Vlog


Looking back at my life and all that has tormented me, including sever depression and anxiety, is it shocking to here that my most damaging issue revolved around perfectionism? The desire to do things perfectly is deeply rooted to a belief that we have to earn our worth. It's the belief we have to prove we are worthy of being loved, of being successful, of belonging. Self worth is vital to fighting against perfectionism.

Last week, I shared the following post on Instagram and was blessed by the number of messages I received:

"Amazing reminder I found in a cute coffee shop in Koh Samui.

Searching for perfectionism has been one of the most devastating journeys of my life. My perfectionist tendencies started really young, growing up acting on stage and yearning for the approval of the audience. I learned to want approval from everyone in my life - teachers, my parents, friends, strangers. It became an obsession that nearly ruined me.
While I was the "perfect student" in school -...