Post-Travel Yoga Stretches {Video}


The holiday season is here! With that comes all the extra parties, standing in long lines at the supermarket, and for many of us, travel. Whether you're booking long distance plane rides you see family or taking a short road trip to visit a friend, travel season is here! With the added travel comes added stiffness and the body can get out of whack pretty quickly. This yoga video is designed to get you loosened up post-travel.

As an avid traveler myself, the annoyance of body aches post travel days is not something new to me. The neck and shoulders are all out of sorts from my refusal to purchase a comfortable neck pillow. My hips and low back are cursing me for the extended hours of sitting in cramped spaces. Sometimes, I lose feeling in my butt completely.

Can you relate?

post-travel yoga

Lizzie Mcguire made it look so easy!

Thank the heavens for the accessibility of yoga in times like these. Honestly, you don't even need a mat for the stretches I share in today's video. All you need is twenty...