Roasted Crispy Chickpeas {Vegan}


If you're like me, you probably get this sudden, "Oh my goodness! I am so freaking hungry and I don't care what I eat. I just need food NOW." The little hangry monster comes out and latches onto anything in its sight. This usually consists of something sweet or salty or sour, but definitely not healthy. That's why I had to get better about preparing snacks ahead of time, especially snacks that fill me up until I can eat some real food. Roasted garbanzo beans are one of my favorites!

Plus, chickpeas are the perfect snacks to munch while on the road. I am currently sitting in Sedona, overlooking gorgeous views of the red rocks as I write out this blog post. The road trip I have been dreaming of for a long time is finally here! I am even lucky enough to be joined by fellow travel enthusiast and dear friend, Connor McCreesh. We are off for an adventure of the Western US.

Starting in AZ, we are working our way up the north, through the Grand Canyon and some of the smaller canyons, on...