Transformation through Yoga & Women’s Circles – Interview with Nadine McNeil


Happy International Women’s Day! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this day than by sharing the story of an amazing women I have had the privilege to meet here in Bali. Nadine McNeil has one hell of a story to share with you today, one that will inspire you and move you to action. Through her activism, yoga, and healing journey, she shares incredible insights in today’s interview. Cheers to powerful women who are making the world a better place!

nadine mcneil women's circle

When I think of my friendship with Nadine McNeil, I found myself thinking, “lucky me!” In the new year, one of my intentions was the seek out friendships with inspiring, powerful women, and I am blessed to have found one here in Bali. I met Nadine at Yoga Barn here in Ubud, a beautiful space for all things yoga, wellness, and spiritual practice. In my first week here, I attended her women’s circle and was instantly transfixed by the energy she presented (and have tried not to miss any since).

In addition to leading women’s...