Treating Bipolar with Tarot, Yoga, and Harry Potter – Interview with Julia Hy


"I’m figuring out who I am as a person, on my own." - Julia Hy

I have the greatest pleasure in introducing you to one of my new students and friend, Julia Hy. I love Julia's story because she knows the deep trenches of mental illness, but has decided that her symptoms no longer define WHO she is. We had the pleasure of meeting when she took a brave step to reach out to me via email after reading my depression story about my dark mark tattoo. I was eager to hear more of her story and how she uses unconventional treatments to deal with mental illness, including tarot reading, yoga, and a deep love for Harry Potter.

bipolar tarot yoga

One of the most memorable parts of Julia's interview is when she described her version of bipolar. There is a new understanding that mental illness is always on a spectrum and people have their own definitions, variations, combinations, etc. When describing her personal battle with bipolar, she said:

"It means my head can just get crazy crowded and I can’t separate my...