West US/Canada Road Trip: Week 5 – Washington & Vancouver


The fun continues as we make our way North and into Canada. We are nearing the end of our trip and cannot believe how quickly it has flown by. Starting in Arizona just six weeks ago, we have made it all the way up into Alberta. This past week, we explored a lot of Seattle, spent a night in Bellingham, and adventured around Vancouver.

We spent a lot of time with family this past week, which means we did a bit less outdoorsy stuff. It was definitely needed though. To get cozy in someone's home and play board games all night is a must needed rest from the chaos of pitching tents in new campsites each day.

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If you remember from last week, we had just made it up to my sister and brother-in-law's new home in Seattle after exploring the Olympic peninsula and part of Oregon. Head on back to weeks 3, 2, and 1 for more information on our trip through AZ, UT, NV, and CA.

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