West US Road Trip: Week 1 – Northern AZ, Southern Utah, & Vegas


Just over a week ago, I set out on a road trip of the Western US with my boyfriend, Connor. He's from London and it is his first time in the US, so I was ready to show him all about my home state - Arizona. Plus, it has always been a goal of mine to road trip up the West Coast. I convinced him to join me on this six week adventure.

We are both working throughout our travels, so we are planning work time throughout our trip. As coffee snobs, we are eager to explore a new coffee shop (or two) each day. It makes for an interesting work space.

West US Road Trip

I purchased a Ford Escape that we have loaded up with camp gear and our personal belongings. Throughout the trip, we are doing a combination of camping, crashing on friends' couches, Airbnb, and hotels. One of the best resources I have discovered so far is the website FreeCampsites.net because it has helped up to avoiding spending money on camp grounds (so we can put those savings towards more coffee).

We are attempting to stay fit on the road...