West US Road Trip: Week 2 – California Love


Week two of our road trip is done! We are a third of the way through our crazy journey and are feeling lucky as hell to be enjoying this life. If you checked out last week’s post, we ended the first week in Vegas, having enjoyed a night our on the strip. This week, we made our way over to Southern California to smell some ocean air. We have been making our way up the coast of California the rest of the week.

While last week was full of crazy outdoor adventures, we were more city-bound this week. Our time has been focused around seeing a bunch of friends in California and honoring our need to slow down. We have been skipping a lot of the tourist stuff we had planned in exchange for more nights in. We have also been lucky enough to focus on time with friends ad family. It’s still been an amazing trip!

There has been less instagramming and photos this week, but Connor and I have been more focused on enjoying the journey, at our own pace. We also like to enjoy some of the views for...