West US Road Trip: Week 3 – Northern Cali and Oregon


Holy cow! The end of week three! This means we are halfway through our road trip. When traveling as much as we do, the concept of time seems really odd. It seems like ages ago that we were in Arizona, trekking through canyons. At the same time, it has all sped by us so quickly and I'm a bit shocked to be at the halfway point. This past week, we spent exploring Northern California and parts of Oregon.

If you read my blog post last week, you would know we had started off in Vegas and made our way through parts of Southern California and info San Francisco. That week was absolutely packed with visiting friends and family along the road. The week prior, we completely overloaded ourselves with adventures in Northern Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

This is pretty much us ^

This past week, we found a bit more balance of work, adventure, and some solid alone time. We have been spending more time reflecting, listening to personal development books in the car, and having challenging...