Yoga Flow for a Bendy Spine – FREE PDF


Today, we are getting bendy with this challenging flow to increase mobility and flexibility of the spine. Having a flexible spine can make it easier to do many yoga poses, such as back bends like wheel pose or bow pose. Not only do back bends look pretty in our practice, increasing the mobility of the spine increases overall health in the body.

Practices such as yoga, pilates, karate, or most forms of fitness help to increase spinal health through increased movement and strength building. Not only can this reduce minor pains or cramps in the back, but these practices can prevent major health concerns in the future. Think about it - the main function of the spine and spinal cord is paired with movement and coordination, overall body support, and protection of the nervous system. When we don't take care of your spine with preventative care, it can lead to tight or weak muscles, everyday pains such as headaches, or even degenerative disc disease. So, let's just agree that it is pretty...