Yoga Flow for a Powerful Core



Let's face it - nearly all of us would be happy with a little less fat around the waist and a little more muscle. Abs are one of the big muscle groups that are praised by magazines, celebrities, and Instagram influencers. I get it, they're nice to look at. However, there are much better reasons for wanting to get the abs in shape. Today's sequence is all about building strong and powerful abs, which will also help you find better stability and balance.

When we strengthen our core, we are able to find better balance in our yoga practice and in our daily lives. It also prevents injury, as we build core stability and train the muscles around it to follow suit. Strengthening the abs will also assist in your posture, increasing the ability to sit up straight and lengthen the spine. Additionally, it assists in improved breathing (use of the diaphragm) and better digestion (when stretching the abs).

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