Yoga for Healing: Treating PTSD with Lisa Yeager


A couple weeks ago, I shared a bit of my yoga journey and how it helped me recover from depression and anxiety. Yoga was an incredible tool for me that taught me the importance of mindfulness and taking charge of my own mind. It also taught me a lot about healing the traumas throughout my life.

Today, I am so honored to be introducing you to my dear friend and fellow yoga teacher, Lisa Yeager. Lisa's yoga journey is a bit different than mine, having discovered yoga through physical healing and chronic illness. Not only did yoga help her heal physically, but it completely shifted her life.

Yoga for trauma healing and PTSD

Lisa decided to become a yoga teacher in her fifties,  overcoming major fears and proving to herself that she really is capable of doing anything she wishes. She is now certified to treat trauma through the healing magic of yoga. Her work is very inspiring to me!

Taryn:  Lisa, it is such a pleasure to be sharing you with my students today. You are an incredible woman, working to better the world...