Yoga for Strong, Toned Glutes {Video}


Cheers to glute muscles! These three major muscles not only look super sexy, but strong glutes can help you avoid future injury. They're one of the key areas to focus on if you want to enjoy a safe yoga and fitness experience. Now that's sexy! Before we dive into today's video on yoga for strong glutes, let's first chat about why is it so important.

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There are three major muscles that make up the glutes - The gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus (and several smaller ones). These muscles work to stabilize the pelvis and hips. Additionally, they support the joint connection of the femur into the hip, along with the rotation and movement of the femur and the back of the upper thigh. These bad boys work hard for you!

The butt muscles, or glutes, are actually important for stabilizing the pelvis. The glutes are known in fitness circles as your body's engine, not only because they're the largest muscle group in the body, but also because they're involved in most athletic functions, says...