Yoga Instagram Trends that Worry Me


Apologies in advance today for my ranting, but this has been weighing on my mind for a long time and I can't hold back any longer. Listen, Instagram is an amazing place. It has allowed me to connect with many of my students and is a place that inspires me daily. Instagram can also be a place where comparisons run rampant and unhealthy expectations are formed. Yoga Instagrams trends are no exception; in fact, a lot of them scare me!

Hold up - I'm NOT here to bash on yogi Instagramers (I'm one of them), but I'm more interested in spreading awareness to newbies who are feeling shitty about themselves because of these posts. Teachers out there - I applaud you for doing your best to teach on Instagram through a single photo. I struggle with getting the right message across too.

But for real, all my beginner yogis out there (and some of you intermediate yogis too), let's release the Instagram standards. Yes? There is not perfect pose. You can't compare how a pose works on someone else's...