Yoga Sequence for Confidence – Free Printable PDF


We are living in the age of what I like to call "Pinterest fitness" where people are constantly trying to sell their readers on ridiculous fitness or diet claims. Have you seen these? This workout plan will give you washboard abs in one week! Or worse, This yoga routine will attract the dream man into your dreams! Yeah, it drives me nuts too. That's why I make it a major point to never make any crazy claims about what my yoga sequences can do for you. However, today's yoga sequence was designed to encourage more confidence and this really works!

There are many strategies we can use to increase our confidence. We can take a solid look at the limiting or false beliefs we have about ourselves and rewrite the story. We can raise our curiosity levels, face our fears, and try new things to feel more confident in our capabilities. I could continue this list, but I want to chat about a way to gain a quick boost of confidence - using our yoga practice.

According to Harvard Business School...