Yoga Sequence to Alleviate Anxiety – Free Printable PDF


I know what you over-thinkers are contemplating right now, can yoga really do anything to help alleviate my anxiety? I'm living proof that it can make a tremendous difference to your anxiety levels. Yoga is a powerful tool for relaxing the entire mind, which includes that overworked brain of yours. Anxiety is a major issue for me too; that's how I know this yoga sequence will alleviate your anxiety. It's helped me tremendously!

This practice is designed to get you fully present on the current moment. We do a combination of challenging and resting poses to force your brain to focus. Plus, the breathing exercise at the beginning is the most useful step for telling your brain everything is going to be okay.

Let the relief begin! Click Here to download the PDF now.

Start Seated with a Breathing Exercise

Focusing on the breath is one of the quickest ways to quiet the mind and relax anxiety. Try one of the breathing exercises suggested in the video above. My favorite is the alternating...