Find Your Happy Place


I’ve been working remotely around the world for almost a year. Travelling through fifteen different countries and over twice as many cities. That means I’ve slept in countless different beds. Slept on every type of pillow you can imagine and some that you wouldn’t want to.

I’ve lived out of a suitcase containing clothes for all four seasons – from a bathing suit to a winter coat and everything in between. I’m carrying miniature toiletries that meet minimum daily requirements. My laptop for work, my phone to keep in touch and my patience to endure it all.

To some people that experience would be a nightmare – constant change, endless challenges and a sense of falling with nothing to hold on to. To others it would be a dream – excitement, adventure and a sense of freedom beyond imagination.

It all depends on your perspective.

We all have preferences that steer us toward people and activities that bring us happiness. Happiness is a perspective – a way you can look at every moment and...