Just Japan Things


Japan is a country that’s been on my bucket list for years. Ever since I discovered sushi and ramen came from here, I was in. So it’s no wonder that when I had the opportunity to live there for five weeks, I said HAI! (That’s ‘yes’ in Japanese, but also the way I greet people in English.)

As many of the things that I had in my head about this place, I was more than surprised to find that some were true, some were completely wrong, and some were very unexpected. The takeaway? You definitely need to visit. Below are some of the things I’ve come across the past three-ish weeks that I’ve lived in Kyoto, while also traveling all over the country via my JR Pass.

Celery Men (and women) Are Everywhere.

Okay, fine, salary men. But celery men sounds more fun. Also, that weird Paul Rudd video I found absolutely needed to make it into this. (It's linked in the heading above.) The term [salary men], used for the abundance of men and women walking the streets in suits, also refers to the people who...