A shot list for a design agency / “digital transformation agency” video

Tell it like others before you.

Girls pointing at a wall.

A guy with a beard sitting next to a guy with glasses, both wearing a white t-shirt pointing at an old Apple cinema display. In the background, a guy with glasses holding a pen between his index and middle fingers talking with excessive hand gestures to a guy with a beard holding a cup of coffee in his palm, sipping it and nodding approvingly. Both are wearing a white t-shirt.


More people pointing at things.


People picking up papers that have images of some UI printed on them.They are all holding a pen between their index and middle finger.

More post-its.

Twenty people sitting around a large table with one person standing in front of it, gesturing a huge circle in the air. Someone nodding approvingly. Twelve MacBooks on the table.

Post-its. Everywhere. All the time.

Someone using either a) a gesture controller, b) VR glasses, c) something something augmented, d) all of the above.

People laughing while pointing...