Air travel: a service design analysis

This part one of a multi-part, in-depth analysis of painpoints, service paths and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the process of moving to another country. Parts 1–3 deal with air travel.Part one: Procuring tickets and checking in.

Here’s the thing about Finland. It rains. A lot. All the time. Combined with Apple’s space grey-like darkness for three months, it makes a man miserable. No fun. I’m guessing that’s why we have a big games industry. Too small for movies. Too cynical for pop music. Just the right climate for staying indoors and making something to be enjoyed solo. I needed an escape plan after spending a year of being socially active in Remote Year.

Here I am. In London. Typing on a computer. Clicking a mouse. Essentially doing something the same job that I did in Helsinki, a job that is probably the most globalised job in the world. A mouse-clicking typist. Or a designer. Whichever you want to call it.

Booking a flight. The easy way.

After booking a flight with the call...