Space Grey Society


A tale of technology

“T-twenty-four,” Astra said in a shy, slightly trembling voice. She was holding her hand around her upper arm, squeezing it after answering the question,. She looked down towards the ugly light green desk in front of her, witnessing a disarray of various documents and forms.

His name was Cosmo. A tall man in his maybe mid-twenties, maybe mid-thirties, maybe mid-forties, kind of ageless looking, sporting sort-of-mediterranian facial features. Astra found him to be attractive maybe to some, but still kind of garish in appearance. She saw that he had something tattooed on his right arm, but it was mostly covered by his faux-Italian dress shirt, so she couldn’t make out what exactly it was depicting.

“Maybe a snake?” she thought. “A dragon?” “A rat’s tail?”

“Okay. That is it for questions. Can you start tomorrow?” Cosmo interrupted her thought process.

“To-tomorrow? Yes. Sure. I… I mean… thank you.”

“Well, I will see you tomorrow at seven-thirty at the door where me met...