Home Decor: How We Styled Our Living Room


Surprise! My boyfriend and I moved in together! Not only do we both save money on rent now, but we also got to work together to make our new space feel like home. I’ve been posting some images on Instagram and got a ton of compliments—figured I would go ahead and share where we got all of our home decor! We didn’t buy everything; he brought some stuff from his past apartment and same with me. Some of the items on here are expensive, but note that we split things AND bought a lot of pieces over Memorial Day Weekend (aka lots of sales). Enjoy!

Pacific Blue Sofa:


This was a piece of furniture my boyfriend already had, and I love it. I would say out of all the items we have in our home, this is the one we get the most compliments on.

Buy it here at Campaign

Chevron Walnut Coffee Table:

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 10.00.59 AM.png

My boyfriend bought this for half off at the showroom in NYC...