My Style: Plus Size Wedding Guest Attire


‘Tis the season to watch all your friends get married and have babies while you’re still questioning if you’re even an adult! Love is beautiful. I love love. I love watching two people who love each other get married. And I love to feel like a fancy queen when I’m attending them! I’ll continuously update this page with wedding outfits I wear throughout time to give you some ideas.

Express: Black Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit


This jumpsuit made me feel like a rockstar! It only goes up to a size 18 (BOO) but it was surprisingly stretchy and great quality. The pants portion felt professional and not like a cheap material. I’m also really into the off-the-shoulder look right now and the lace was a nice touch. I will say that the bottom is a little short and would look better with heels, but I’m not great at wearing heels.

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Bauble Bar: Rainbow Heart Hoop Earrings