29 Again? Not Me!


My mom may say she’s younger than me at this point, but turning 30 was worth it!

Joining a new community of people right before my 30th birthday left me thinking I would ring in a new decade with a quiet evening celebrating by myself.  I could not have been more wrong!  These strangers who had entered my life less than one week prior made it a weekend I will never forget.

Kairos Overheard:

Happy birthday!! It’s so cool that your birthday just happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo this year!

I know, I’m so lucky it happens every year!

Following a late Friday night – at least, it was still Friday somewhere! – we gathered at WiP (the workspace) Saturday morning for our official orientation.  We got the run down on everything we needed to know for the next four months and learned more about our travel buddies with some team building games.

Following the informative stuff, we each lost a shoe!  Now partially barefoot, we sat down to answer some questions, helping us envision where we might...