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Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

— Amelia Earhart

Our second full weekend abroad brought two action packed days of outdoor adventure and cultural experiences. Each day offered one of two full day tracks and from what I’ve heard, they were all incredible!

Early Saturday morning, half of the group (at least those that were awake!) went off to an eco-camp in Kastela, where they learned about the farm, helped plant and had a delicious home-made lunch. While they were off doing hard labor, the rest of us met in city center for a day of biking and arts on Marjan Hill.

Marjan hill is a protected area that was intensively forested by the government, and sits on a peninsula completely surrounded by the city and sea. With it’s stunning views and recreational paths, it is a favorite weekend destination, and is yet another area rich in history and beauty.

I discovered it’s been a while since I rode a bike! But we hiked on up to the bike shop and started our ascent of Marjan hill. It...