Finding Balance: Work, Play, Service


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Following my action-packed weekend, it was back to the grind and figuring out that work/life balance we all strive for.  Monday came with a full day of work and the start of our positive impact (PI) planning.  Members of Kairos came together to learn about how Remote Year helps the communities in which we live, and the organizations we would partner with over the next four months.  With work complete and PI leadership roles identified, Ahi and I were off to the best (aka only?) taco joint in Split – To Je Tako – for dinner.  While waiting for a table, we were treated to stunning night views and glimpses of fireworks.

Tuesday brought about our first track event with a visit to the Brodosplit Shipyard, the largest in Croatia.  The history of this industry within Croatia is fascinating, with Split being the main port of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia for it’s ship building and maintenance capabilities.  Split ship making has been a pioneer in the industry, and is very highly regarded...