Fjaka to Pura Vida: One Year Later


One year ago, I set off into an unknown that introduced me to the meaning of fjaka as I arrived in Croatia, the start of my Remote Year journey. Today, pura vida is on my mind as I write this post from the Costa Rican airport.

Fjaka: a relaxed state of body and mind, the sweetness of doing nothing

A year ago, I thought I needed a sort of system reboot and took advantage of an opportunity to travel in a new way. After a few months, I figured I would be ready to hit the ground running back in my “normal” life with a nice apartment, working my way up that corporate ladder.

Little did I know this little adventure would be a complete factory reset.

Thoughts of a lease or a cubicle are now sources of anxiety rather than security. The frustrations of flying are less frequent knowing I’m headed to a new unknown.

Pura Vida: the simple or pure life, being thankful for what we have rather than dwelling on the negative

A lot has changed in 12 months, more than I...