Goodbye: The Sequel


Below is the sequel to the goodbye blog I wrote earlier this summer. This blog has been extremely difficult to write because it kept evolving as my experience progressed and my perspective changed; every time I thought the blog was complete, something big seemed to shift or change. At one point, I erased it all and started from scratch. In a way, this is the darker side of what I felt – the relief in leaving to focus on the emotions I had been running from, the feelings I either wasn’t aware of or was too scared to show.

Act I: The Emotions

Call me an emotional hoarder, keeping everything locked inside for all this time. While on the surface I was happy, underneath was sadness, self-doubt and failure. I often feel like I am not good enough.  Other times I feel like I am an outsider that doesn’t belong. I question my decisions, don’t trust my emotions, and turn to others for acceptance I should be able to give myself. I feel like I need to show people I am okay, that I am stronger...