Handing my Heart to Prague


Now officially settled into Prague, it was time to hit the ground running in what was quickly becoming my new favorite city. Boy, was it a busy week! I kicked off Sunday eating a tasty brunch with Erica & John at Kavarna Zanzibar. I could eat that beet root, avocado & egg toast forever!


After some fun and lively conversation, we split up to explore. Erica & I picked a direction to walk, stumbled upon a fancy hotel, and made a quick stop at the concierge to grab a tourist map.

Being New Yorkers, you can venture a guess at how much walking we did that day! After passing the Narodni Museum (unfortunately under construction), we made our way over to the train station, Praha Hlavní Nádraží, explored the historical building and spent a bit of time shopping at Flying Tiger to stock up on birthday decor (and maybe a few chia pets…). We then meandered over to Prašná brána – one of the original city gates – and checked out the Municipal House, which was originally the site of the Royal...