Jumping Right In


With arrival day complete, it was time to jump right in.  We kicked off Monday with a city welcome, introducing us to our Split City Team, workspace and the place we would call home for the next four weeks.  They provided important information on themes like the political climate, minority acceptance, and how to tip.  Our city team could not have been more amazing in making us feel welcome and at home.  Within no time, our experience manager Helena made it clear that this was truly the right decision.

After logging a few hours of work (that is what we’re here for…), it was time to play lunch roulette.  For those who don’t know, because I certainly didn’t, we all pull a card and whoever has a matching card goes to lunch with you!  So we hopped in an Uber to test out Dvor as we got to know a few of our fellow Remotes.  The food and the view weren’t too shabby for my first lunch in Split!

After a bit more work, it was time to head back to Old Town and Diocletian Palace for...