New Year, New You?


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2019 is upon us, a time to reflect on 2018 and set resolutions for the new year. I’ve seen it countless times in the past few days – new year, new you! But why should there be a new me?

I don’t want this year to be about changing who I am, but rather embracing it. 2018 was tough, full of rough patches, self reflection, personal growth and change. But 2018 was also full of incredible experiences, new relationships and…that pesky personal growth.

As I sat down to reflect on 2018, I did so with a new perspective. At the recommendation of a good friend, I listed out my accomplishments and failures as a way to realize all I had done over the year.

I was surprised to find the things I was most proud of were related to my personal growth and authenticity. I took a risk leaving behind the life and picture of success I knew to blaze my own trail. I dug into the emotions I didn’t know were holding me back. I found love and acceptance with some incredible new friends. I opened up to my...