Oh, What a Night!


First thing Friday morning, I was off to John & Colin’s place to kick off the next round of birthday celebrations. After a quick stop for doughnuts, John helped me decorate the apartment with all my swag from Flying Tiger. Lucky for me, Colin is a night owl and had no idea what we were up to!

Once we were satisfied with our work, we were off to K10, with a spontaneous stop along the way for John to get a haircut. This was the fanciest men’s haircut I’ve ever seen – and may have taken longer than my own! – but John will without a doubt divulge what an experience it was!


That afternoon, we had our first Prague track event – a design workshop where we got to print our own works of art! Prague is home to countless artists who have visited the city for inspiration. Carol, Colin, Jess, Tara and I learned the traditional craft of carving patterns into linoleum to be used in a print press. Being extra careful not to slice off any fingertips, we chiseled away to create our designs, ran a...