Reflections on the Adriatic

Photo Credit: Sharan Chawla
📷 Credit: Sharan Chawla

Of all the places to start this crazy adventure, Split couldn’t have been better. I’d been in major cities for the past twelve years, and was used to their demanding, full-speed-ahead nature. Split provided a welcome change with the relaxed state of fjaka that forced me to take a step back.

In NYC, fjaka is unheard of. We’re constantly on the go, never taking the time to look around us, pause and experience the city. The stark contrast allowed me to slow down and re-evaluate. My days were less hectic – the two hour daily commute was gone! Setting my own hours meant I could work at my most productive times and recharge mid-day.

But at the same time, everything took longer. Lunch hours were truly hours. Grocery shopping was arduous. Locals seem to shop in markets and specialty shops rather than a single grocery store. I generally couldn’t get everything in one place, even if I could figure out the language & new brands! The conveniences we take for granted at...