The Key to My Heart


I know it’s been a while, but welcome back to Prague in June! What better way to kick off week two than with our first visit to the Žižkostel Community Center for positive impact. Žižkostel is a long-standing partner with Remote Year in Prague, providing for the Roma community & those generally in need with support such as youth clubs, help for single-mothers and the homeless. The space is also used for cultural events and a range of other activities.

ME, Erica and I were off to an early start to beat the afternoon heat, and after stopping at the local grocery for a few provisions, we walked over to meet Tereza, Danny, Carol & Travis. Our host, Táňa, provided a tour of the property, which includes a large indoor meeting space, kitchen, public laundry facilities, an outdoor area for kids, a garden, a basement event space, and more. I was very impressed by their use of space and the amount of support provided to the community – I wish I’d taken some pictures!

After our tour, we began...