Welcome to Transition Day



Saturday, May 26, 2018 Airplane on Google Android 9.0

8:30 AM: The doors to WiP were open and waiting for us each to wheel our luggage in, officially vacating our first Remote Year homes. Deb, Erica and I wrapped up our packing, and started hauling our lives downstairs. We brought down our offerings for the next group (can’t let the alcohol and olive oil go to waste!) and said goodbye to our first apartment as our time together as roommates came to a close.

9:00 AM: With all our bags piled next to the wall and our final offerings ripe for the taking, we waited for the busload of sleepy-eyed Kanyini’s to pull in (they flew in early from Marrakech). In the meantime, Carol had saved two Kairos vineyards wine bottles, filled them with dried wild flowers and provided the supplies for us to each sign. As we finished up our parting gift to WiP, Helena and Mate, the Kanyini’s rolled off the bus and the crepe station got started.

9:30 AM: Crepes in hand, it was time for some community building games to get to know our...