How to successfully pitch travelling the world and working remotely to your boss

An overnight camel ride on a weekend off in Morocco.

Since travelling the world in 2017 with Remote Year, the question I get asked the most is, “which was your favourite city?”. A difficult question at best and my international marketing guru from my cohort, Valentina Candeloro, summarised it in her latest blog post perfectly.

For today, I’m here to answer the second most popular question.

So…how did you do it?”

How the heck did you get your company to agree when you’re in a customer-facing sales role?”

Initially, I’d laugh it off — mostly because of the incredulously way the question would get asked, but as time went on I realised it wasn’t a jovial question. People want different… if not to become a global remote employee, but to be given the opportunity to pitch bold ideas and have work support them.

I’ve always believed in the value of learning by sharing your unique experiences, and in all honesty being asked about how I did it now that the program is over made me realise I needed...