Mental Health – so easy


I lost? I woke up in the hospital. Not a hospital for most patients but for patients that lost a battle.  The battle of life. To get out.  I had a woman that told me to settle down and accept. Quiet down and shut the fuck up.  You’re no longer a human; you’re a prisoner, one that can’t live anymore. You don’t exist. Nobody calls you. You’re there alone. You have to look yourself in the mirror, along with a knife, and find a better tomorrow. That’s the only way out.  Please save me.

Nobody saved me. I was alone; spending time in a hospital waiting to be free.  I cried. I cried. Alone. She told me in the poker room to pretend. She had been there. I wiped my tears and I pretended. I’m okay I told everyone.  I got out.

I wasn’t

I needed help but help wasn’t available without losing one’s freedom.  We all need a better tomorrow. Please give us tomorrow. Tomorrow only came with someone that missed their visit. Nobody showed up except my tears. And I was all alone. Mental health check. We’re...