Done, not done – more Tequila & Rum


The end of Remote Year was a fitting send off, a two day party in a mansion outside of Mexico City. As the first night drew to a close the first of the Kaizen’s started to say their goodbyes and make their way off. The stream of people turned into a torrent as more and more headed to their next destinations, some headed home, some headed to ‘friends’ they had met on their travels and some like me, not quite ready to head home went in search of a little more adventure.

My destination - the Yucatan peninsular for two weeks then Nicaragua for another two weeks. An early morning flight and an hour shuttle to the airport means me and the Kaizen’s travelling with me managed to avoid the mass send-off some of the others enjoyed.

We land in Cancun and go to pick up our rental where we are greeted by the first scam of the trip. Despite having full travel and rental insurance they insist on my purchasing $100USD of additional cover that can only be purchased from them and is a ‘government...