Lima on repeat


By the time I arrived in Lima in December I had been travelling for 11 months. A few hectic preceeding months combined with the transit from hell meant I was decidedly burnt out and travel wary, I decided this month was to be about work and not much else.

I spent most of my days heading to the workspace, working, looking for food, returning back to my apartment to relax or head out and explore the city on foot. I managed to avoid most of the party aspects of the city entirely knowing their would be plenty of that over New Years and January.

Work life balance

After a few hectic months of adventure I had fallen behind on some of my work goals, December was a great month to play catch up. The workspace was great and managed to get back on track with my work.

Additonally I had been planning a month long adventure with the wonderful Di McNae starting mid Jan in Lima, working our way east until we reached Bolivia then head south to Chille. This was a great reason not to go on the...