Peru on Tour


Our tour officially begins with a briefing in our hotel in Lima in the evening where we get to meet a few of our tour group. The nature of the tour is such that we will pick up new members as we travel along, we are told amongst other things that it’ll be a 4am start - as we eventually find out, the first of many, something about these tour planners I feel like they are morning people.

Day one - The Sacred Valley

We wake early and hop on a bus to the airport bound for Cusco, we had been warned about the altitude, Cusco sits at about 3400m above sea level, to put that in perspective Mt Cook in New Zealand is 2800m. Upon arrival we feel the thin air as soon as we step off the air bridge, you involuntarily do small gasps between breaths just to get a little more oxygen. There are bowls of Cocoa leaves (yes that leaf) laid out on offer that we are told if we chew it will minimise the effects - to me it just tastes like chewing dry grass. I did eventually get a taste for the cocoa...