Travel hell vol 2 – The long way around


After so much travel it was bound to happen, so much seamless travel - I was running the gauntlet of good fortune, the tide would surely would turn some day. That day turned out to be today (or few days, I’m a little confused about timezones and how long I have been traveling).

If you haven’t seen it, go check out the first in this series where I escape from an island volcano.

Before the volcano messed with my mojo the original plan was to fly out of Bali on the Tuesday, land in Melbourne for a few days then fly out on Sunday to Lima, Peru via a two hour stopover in Santiago.

Then Agung happened and I didn’t manage to escape the volcano until Friday night. I still got to have a few days in Melbourne catching up with friends and business interests (ps, go buy some Dirt). Next up rejoining my Kaizen family in Lima.

When arranging my replacement Peru flights I noticed all the offered flights were ex Auckland, so I decided to fit in a quick surprise visit to Wellington to visit...