Travel Hell Vol 3 – Hostage in Bolivia


The day started in earlier than usual at 3:15am after arriving in Uyuni the previous night. There were vague excuses given about possible road closures. Once on the road our driver tells us there are protests about living conditions in the city and they are setting up roadblocks to disrupt. He explains that we’ll take a back road and should be fine.

Our captors perhaps deciding if they should kill us and bury us in the desertWe traverse some off-road terrain for five minutes and rejoin the main road - success! Or so we thought. Clear of imminent danger we hit the highway and overtake a white Toyota Highlux that had been in front of us.

Given it’s 4am we are surprised by the throngs of people walking towards the town to join the days protests in central Uyuni. The protest organisers had threatened to disrupt cargo and tourist movements from midnight to midnight and to stage protests in the city itself. Our guides thinking is that they won’t have been organised enough to get things set up so early.

We come up to a train overpass and hit some backed up...