What just happened to me


Pinch me. My Remote Year has ended, how did that happen? The last thing I remember is meeting my 50 “Tramily” all the way back in Split - “Travel family”, Uggh, one of a few new terms I visibly gagged at when first hearing but have since come to accept. Now twelve months have passed and we are bidding each other farewell in Mexico.

As with a regular extended family there are some you “click” with more than others. There are some I have planned to meet already (a few I have already travelled through Mexico and Nicaragua with since the breakup), some I intend to meet up with and possibly travel with in the future, others I just know something will work out, there are some that I am not sure if I’ll ever see again.

Thanks to the ubiquity of social media (and our very chatty WhatsApp group) I don’t think I’ll ever be strangers with any of the group nor would I want to be.

We are now all alumni to a very special experience, something that has been shared, experienced, survived and...