How to Find a Mentor


Have you ever read a variant of one of those “Steps on How to Do Life Right” articles, and seen that one of the things you must have to be a successful human is to have a mentor? Well I have, many a time. And I love the idea of having a mentor! But how do I permanently bind someone to me and become their ultimate life apprentice in a way that doesn’t scare them away?

Step One: Do not approach potential mentor in alien garb; save such garb for second meeting.

Since hitting the sidewalks is proven to be the absolute best method in accomplishing life goals, such as getting a job through walking around wearing a sandwich board, it comes as no surprise that we’re taking it back out to the streets! The most effective way to find your life’s mentor is to go to an ATM, withdraw a few hundred dollars, and to start walking around during your city’s typical morning commute. While keeping your hand full of cash outstretched to the kindly business folk walking around, kindly repeat to passersby,...