How to Floss Your Teeth all at Once


Raise your hand if you actually floss everyday.


Homer Flossing


I see just a few of you in the back! Good for you, everyone should be more like Homer! Now raise your hand if instead, you’re the type that explains to your dentist how you fell off the flossing wagon for just a few months, but really it’s been years. Am I the only one? Does anyone else have a mini Bart on their shoulder convincing you that cleaning your own teeth just isn’t your job??


Bart Simpson Dentist


Why do so many people skip out on this one simple activity each day? Maybe it’s the lazy voice in my head convincing you that every little tooth crevice is not worth the individual effort. But what if you could floss your top teeth all at once, and then your bottom teeth all at once? Introducing, the “Flosserator“! (Accepting other name recommendations.)




I propose a device, shaped a bit like a retainer, that you can push up and pull back down through all your teeth cracks at once! (There must be a better term than ‘teeth cracks,’ but your...