How to Handle the Aftermath of Heartbreak


“Adulting” is a skill. It must be learned, but it often isn’t taught. If there were such a thing as “adult” school, there should 100% be a class on heartbreak. Sure, teenagers may experience heartbreak, but what about the heartbreak you may experience after your first true adult relationship?

Depending on the intensity of the heartbreak, it may feel like your brain has been rewired, like your entire personhood has been altered by this experience. Is it okay to feel like that? Is it okay to cry? To still be crying intermittently for weeks afterwards? To miss this person for longer than you thought you should? Do you feel anxious and sad? Do you wake up hugging your pillow? Do you feel completely alone? Trapped by your own emotions?

Glass Case of Emotion

I would argue that all of these things are normal; you’re not broken. You’re just evolving throughout what is called, the “human experience.” I didn’t know any of this during my first adult heartbreak. I thought I was permanently lost; walking in sadness...