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Sticking up for The Boges

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The People

Kaizen was all over the place this month. We had people exploring Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and even Antarctica. For those of us in Bogotá, we went to our first fútbol match, celebrated the Superbowl, threw surprise parties, danced to Me Rehusó on on a chiva bus, had mariachis delivered to our apartments at 11 pm, and got kai-razy on the Colombian coast.

my favorite text exchange of all time

The Places



Bogotá. Bogie. The Boges.

I really feel like The Boges doesn’t get enough love around the RY circuit and I think it’s unfortunate.

I personally think that The Boges has a lot to offer, but it feels like people tend to focus on a few unsavory aspects, which, to be fair, every city has.

These ones, though, seem to be what people focus on when they talk about Bogotá, and then they seemed to get passed down through the grapevine to other Remotes, causing...