First Impressions | Austin


“So, like, what was your favorite country?”

I thought I was sooo clever when I had the idea to do First Impressions of Austin during my first couple of days back in the office.

“Aha! They thought they were done with me spamming their timelines with my blog posts! They’ll rue the day they bet against Ole Michael! Wait, I mean Ole Miguel. Damn it… who am I again?” I thought, cackling with the fervent intensity of someone whose brain had been roasting under fluorescent office lights for nine straight hours and was incapable of thinking straight.

Then, approximately five minutes after posting my final Back That Month Up post, this happened:

cool, derek

Alright, so this might have been a little more predictable than I thought it would be. Looking back, it makes sense.

Reading (and writing, for that matter) about returning back “home” after being away for a year is a way more interesting topic than which cafes I frequented in Mexico City.

So, how the hell does one go from near-complete...