The Miguelito Awards | Nominees


My attempt at answering your #1 question…

“What was your favorite city?”

Without a doubt, the most common question you get from friends and family once you return home from Remote Year.

This question is trickier to answer than you might think. When I get asked that question, my first thought is:

“Favorite city for what?”

Workspace? Experiences? Cuisine? Track Events?

You see, when you’re living somewhere for a month, there are so many different factors that go into your experience, that I personally have a hard time picking just one favorite.

When I try to, however, my brain branches the question off into a bunch of different categories that, for me, helped make cities particularly enjoyable.

Naturally, I decided to write about it and turn it into a two-part award show like the Oscars — only these are much more prestigious.

These are the Miguelitos!

In this post, we’ll be covering the top four nominees from categories that I either find most important in terms of how much I enjoyed a city,...