Hold the door.

Q u o t e o f t h e d a y: "Great things never come from comfort zones" -- unknown
What's Happening
It's official. One month of Remote Year down, 11 to go, and I am already feeling anxious that time is going by too quickly. A month ago today I boarded a plane as a pre-mote (pre-remote year member), nervous and excited for what lies ahead. Today, I am sitting on my apartment balcony taking in the ocean view in one last time before I meet up with my Remote Year family and board a charter plane to Prague; city number two. It only took me one month to realize that dreams really do come true. No, I am not talking about becoming Daenerys Targaryen and the mother of fire breathing dragons. My dream was to see the world, become comfortable with the unknown, meet people I wouldn't have met otherwise and take on new cultures. Check, check and check. *Still searching for dragons*
So what really happened? To be completely honest, my favorite parts of the month in Croatia, were the weekend side...